Meet Our Lawyers

Our real estate lawyers have a combined 50+ years of experience and know how to deal with the Land Titles offices and other lawyers to ensure you get your money as soon as possible.


Alisa Chau 204-953-7293 Accounting Technician
Alix Venema 204-953-7277 Legal Assistant
Alyssa Gagne 204-560-4569 Legal Assistant
Barbara Brown 204-953-7283 vCard General Manager
Charlene Hartley 204-953-7297 vCard Paralegal
Dawn Betker 204-953-7291 vCard Paralegal
Ivana Zivanovic 204-953-7281 vCard REO Asst/Customer Service Representative
Janet Latham 204-334-8870 vCard Paralegal
Jessica Betker 204-953-7279 vCard Legal Assistant
Jolynn Verdon 204-947-9636 vCard Customer Service Representative
Kelly Bowers 204-953-7288 Customer Service Representative
Kristina Klause 204-953-7296 vCard Paralegal
Laney Harman 204-943-1081 Receptionist
Mona Zangana 204-594-4876 vCard Legal Assistant
Nicole Timko 204-953-7282 vCard Legal Assistant
Olga Fust 204-953-7275 vCard Legal Assistant
Pamela Salmon 204-560-4570 Real Estate Paralegal
Shuai Wang 204-953-7285 vCard Accounting Technician